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‘Mr. Right’ meets ‘Ms. Wronged’ in Menlo Park

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

image This smooth-talking guy walks into a Starbucks in Menlo Park and strikes up a conversation with a woman who’s buying everything he’s selling about being an MIT graduate, millionaire math savant. That was a few weeks ago. Monday the cops came and fished him out of the woman’s closet, where he was hiding. She’d become suspicious after several weeks of loaning him money.

The Almanac’s Sandy Brundage has the story of Simon Gann, who police say has warrants in several states as an alleged scam artist. His twin brother, Jordan Gann, is serving five years in a Florida prison for the same thing.

Add scammers: The best source on the twins? That’s got to be Meredith Gavin, a New Yorker who says she was swindled by each of them, and who’s put up a Website,, devoted to making their lives miserable. She tells Brundage she goes “back and forth” on which twin she met first. Yeah, they’re identical.
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