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Scalia is a crowd-pleaser at Hastings

Sunday, September 19, 2010

image By all accounts, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s appearance at Hastings College of Law Friday night was a hit with students. Kate Moser at The Recorder’s Legal Pad blog says the conservative justice “kept his rapt law school crowd in stitches.” An excerpt:

Scalia seemed to enjoy himself throughout the talk. And he didn't appear to worry about his detractors. When Massey asked him why he seems to inspire great love or hate, he said: "I think my views are often misrepresented, and people have a misrepresentation of what I would do. As a result of which I often make a terrific impression because people expect me to have horns and a tail."

Scalia isn’t always warmly received at campus events, and Moser notes that after he left the stage flanked by uniformed officers and U. S. Marshals, Hastings law professor Evan Lee tacitly acknowledged that, telling the audience “he was proud of them.”

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