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SF’s highest paid employees: out-of-towners

Sunday, September 5, 2010

image During a campaign sit-down at The Bay Citizen the other day Mayor Newsom asserted that few city employees can afford to live in San Francisco. So TBC’s Elizabeth Lesley Stevens ran some numbers, and guess what? The Bay Citizen’s analysis shows that it’s higher paid city employees who tend to live elsewhere, while lower-paid employees, who supposedly can least afford it, actually tend to live here. The breakdown is fascinating, including this eye-popper: 97 San Francisco employees who earn on average north of $92,000 live in Napa County.

Out-of-towner poster boy: SFPD deputy chief (and San Mateo County resident) Morris Tabak, who pulled in $425,558 last year. He’s retiring after 32 years on the force. His pension: $225,000.

Photo of Deputy Chief Morris Tabak/ SFPD
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