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Annabel McClellan’s sexy sideline: ‘My Nookie’

Friday, December 3, 2010

image When insider trading charges were brought against aspiring socialite Annabel McClellan and her fellow financial consultant husband, Arnold, earlier in the week, the Pacific Heights power couple more or less became the talk of the town. Well, now there’s more to talk about. The Bay Citizen reports that at the time of her arrest, Annabel, 38, along with good friend and housewife Milly Hanley, was getting ready to launch a mobile app called, “My Nookie,” touted as “the app your sex life and social life can’t be without.” For the British-born Annabel, it’s a far-cry from the all-around mom image she’s known to have cultivated on San Francisco’s charity circuit.

From the product description: “Journal and rate your partners and sexual encounters. Share sexperiences with your closest friends, take sexting to the next level and relive your rendezvous with those five star partners.

Fun and tasteful with activity illustrations, My Nookie is fully loaded with features to flirt, play, tease and share. Feeling adventurous? Shake your phone and dare to try something new. Keep it handy on your iPhone because you never know …”

TBC’s Elizabeth Lesly Stevens cites Hanley as saying My Nookie “is an equal partnership, but that Hanley has ‘taken over’ in the last few days in light of the McClellans’ legal troubles.”

Add McClellan: Wouldn’t you know, as The Bay Citizen’s story was being published this afternoon, the website was taken down and its Facebook page dismantled.

Noted: Arnold McClellan’s lawyer, Chris Kearney, emailed Stevens that “Mr. McClellan is not involved with this venture.”

Image: Drew Altizer Photography via The Bay Citizen

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