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For ‘Mommy P.I.’ sleuth, an abrupt script change*

Thursday, February 17, 2011

image Guess we’ll have to wait to find out what impact his arrest on drug charges will have on “Mommy P.I.”  private detective Chris Butler’s latest media venture. The Concord-based imagesleuth famous for hiring unassuming “moms” to spy on cheating spouses, was booked Wednesday for conspiring to sell drugs stolen from a Contra Costa County evidence locker. The month-long sting operation also scooped up a state drug task force leader, Norman Wielsch. Butler and Wielsch once served as cops together in Antioch.

Add Butler: A film crew has shadowed Butler & Associates’ leggy investigators for several months collecting video for “P. I. Moms of San Francisco,” a reality show in the works for the Lifetime channel. Could the cameras have been rolling when Butler was busted? Now, that would be something.

Also: There was a video clip of the pilot on the firm’s website, but, alas, the site has been taken down as of this morning.

[+] Those intrepid folks over at Uptown Almanac have posted this trailer for Lifetime’s “P. I. Moms of San Francisco.” From the looks of it, they intend[ed?] to do drug busts, too.

Images: Chris Butler during an NBC Bay Area TV appearance/ People magazine

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