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How NFL’s Chiefs almost didn’t get out of Oakland

Saturday, February 26, 2011

You don’t ordinarily hear much about it, but the TSA has a special arrangement for pro sports  image teams to keep them from having to go through airport security lines like the rest of us. For example, TSA sets up shop on the east side of the Coliseum after Raiders games to process the visiting team so they can be transported straight to the gate at the airport.

But then there’s what happened to the Kansas City Chiefs last Nov. 7, as revealed today by the Chronicle’s Vittorio Tafur. Seems their bus was held for three hours on the Coliseum parking lot after a TSA agent saw a player drop a package containing some white powder. Turns out it was a nutritional supplement.

Add: Chiefs blog Arrowhead Addict sniffed out the piece and is calling it “the cocaine caper.”
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