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Mayor Lee: Muni not a top priority

Thursday, February 17, 2011

image Mayor Ed Lee has plenty on his plate, including a huge budget deficit and an enormous pension problem, but still it sounds strange to hear a San Francisco mayor come out and say that Muni isn’t one of his priorities, as he did at an editorial meeting at The Bay Citizen Tuesday:

“I think Muni has been on its way to improvement for a period of time. It’s still got hiccups, but when you look at the on-time performance it’s still, over a period time — and maybe not the last quarter uptick, if you will — it’s still on it’s way to improvement.”

Add: And how’s that playing? Not so well, reports TBC’s Zusha Elinson. Plus, riders have never been smitten by Muni’s on-time performance measure (which was down last quarter, by the way) as a gauge of customer satisfaction.

Image: Mayor Ed Lee at The Bay Citizen/ John Upton: The Bay Citizen

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