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Britain’s Daily Mail swipes an SF Weekly cover story

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

image SF Weekly staffer Lauren Smiley was sifting through the Google alerts and came across her cover story on “the new U visa” about immigrants who get legal status by being victims of crime. Nothing unusual about that—except it was in the Daily Mail, the British tabloid newspaper. Shamelessly ripped off. On their website. With no attribution. No links. And a byline that read, “By Daily Mail Reporter.” Not an ounce of original reporting, notes Smiley, adding:

C'mon, guys: All we're asking for is some link love and heavy attribution high up in the story. Then go ahead and take what you want. To borrow a British expression, what the Mail did -- it's just not cricket.

Add: Here’s the Smiley piece, and here’s the Daily Mail’s.

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