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Photo exhibit to shine light on ‘Mothball Fleet’

Saturday, April 30, 2011

image The Navy’s mothball fleet in Suisun Bay at Benicia has long been a magnet for talented photographers, despite (and because of?) the U. S. Maritime Administration’s hyper-sensitivity to attention being focused on the old “ghost ships.” Obvious reason: the ships are a floating toxic waste dump. (They’re gradually being towed away for dismantling by 2017.)

Add: Which is all the more reason why a May 7 photo exhibition at Workspace Limited (2150 Folsom St.), dubbed “Mothball Fleet,” promises to be a fleet aficionado’s delight. It’s to feature the work of photographers Stephen Freskos, Jon Haeber and Scott Haefner.

Add exhibit: Haeber posts at the Bearings photo blog that a fourth photographer, Amy Heiden, who’s done considerable work at the fleet, has pulled out of the show, apparently after questions were raised about whether some of the photos scheduled to be shown were obtained outside, shall we say, official access channels. All of her work was done during government-sanctioned visits, apparently. Here’s the original press release.

Image: A night-time view of the  “Mothball Fleet” posted by photographer Jon Haeber at Bearings
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