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Arnold scandal: media descend on Bakersfield

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

imageMainstream media have found Patty Baena, the ex-housekeeper and mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child, in Bakersfield in the house the ex-governor is reputed to have bought for her on Native Dancer Street. A double-bylined story that’s up on the New York Times website describes the scene. The photo is from Baena’s MySpace page. An excerpt:

Native Dancer Street, the quiet cul-de-sac where Ms. Baena now lives in this Central Valley city, was a maelstrom of television cameras, reporters and onlookers Wednesday morning as her identity became known. Her one-story home sits at the end of the street in a tidy and trim subdivision. White blinds covered the windows of the tan-colored and red-tile-roof house Wednesday morning, and there was no sign of anyone inside.


The neighbor said the previous owners had built the home about 14 years ago. According to real estate records, Ms. Baena bought it last year for $268,000.

Marty Steelman, a woman who lives next door, said the real estate agent who sold the house to Ms. Baena in June told Ms. Steelman that it had been purchased by Mr. Schwarzenegger for an employee who was retiring. Property records show Ms. Baena as the property’s owner.

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