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Brown gets NYT Magazine treatment

Friday, May 6, 2011

image New York Times L. A. bureau chief Adam Nagourney has an in-depth piece on Gov. Jerry Brown to publish in this Sunday’s print edition of the NYT Magazine, the kind coastal political junkies won’t want to miss.

Add: In it, entertainment magnate and longtime Brown pal David Geffen recalls what he told the then ex-governor and former presidential aspirant when Brown told him he was thinking of running for mayor of Oakland: “I said, ‘Listen, people are going to think you are insane.’” An excerpt:

The same kind of discussions took place last year, before his most recent gubernatorial campaign. “I didn’t want him to,” his wife, Anne Gust Brown, told me. “I wasn’t opposed. I just did not particularly want him to and in fact argued, Why? Running for governor will be a lot of work.” As Geffen asked Brown, “Why do you want to put yourself through this much pain at this point of your life?”

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