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Ellison solves his Pacific Heights ‘tree’ problem

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

image Looks like the Wall Street Journal got its Larry Ellison-sues-the-Pacific Heights-neighbors-over-their-trees piece into the paper in the nick of time. Curbed SF is reporting that the Oracle CEO’s tree lawyers apparently settled things with Bernard and Jane Von Bothmer over the Memorial Day weekend. Litigious Larry—who claimed the couple’s trees were obstructing his views of the bay—has moved on. He’s reportedly decided to buy the manse next door, the former home of the late socialite Dodie Rosecrans, for $40 million:

The Rosekrans' extravagant Willis Polk-designed house, built in 1916, has twenty-two rooms and lacks a garage, but it does have [unobstructed] views of the bay.

Add: The photo of the former Rosecrans residence, at 2840 Broadway on “Billionaires Row,” is by Lisa Romerin for Dorran Saeks’ blog The Salon Styliste.

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