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Friends of Ed coaxing Lee to enter mayor’s race

Thursday, May 19, 2011

image Interim mayor Ed Lee keeps saying he doesn’t intend to run for election in November and powerful people—Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Rose Pak, Willie Brown—keep blowing him air kisses. He said it again yesterday after word leaked of the private effort by several ex-supervisors, one with close ties to Feinstein, to ramp up support for a Lee candidacy.

Add Lee: The Chronicle’s Rachel Gordon points out that Lee, who insists he wants to go back to his old job as city administrator, has to be careful:

To be eligible for that, he needs a waiver from the city Ethics Commission and the Board of Supervisors. Then Lee would need the new mayor to reappoint him city administrator.

Should Lee run for mayor and lose, the idea of relying on a victorious opponent in the race to give him his old job back becomes much riskier.

Image: CBS 5

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