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Gavin Newsom’s media pit stop—in New York

Monday, May 2, 2011

image Here’s the way New York magazine’s Jada Yuan starts a piece published Sunday about her “86 minutes with Gavin Newsom”:

The tall drink of water sitting across from me and gesticulating as he alternately discusses California’s budget reform and oak-barreled Chardonnays at Terroir in Tribeca (tagline: “The elitist wine bar for everyone!”) is very conspicuously drinking only water tonight. Gavin Newsom, six foot three and almost blindingly handsome, would stand out anywhere.

But it isn’t all puffery:

Newsom’s hair is a sight to behold. The slicked-back style he’s settled on goes with his image as a smooth maneuverer. This is, after all, a guy who admitted in an election year to sleeping with his best friend’s wife and still got over 70 percent of the vote. (Now married to the actress Jennifer Siebel Newsom, with a son due in June, he’s remained friendly with his first wife, Fox News contributor Kimberly Guilfoyle.) He showed up to Terroir wearing a Ralph Lauren suit and carrying an iPad. But he insists: “It’s just L’Oréal Clean Gel from Walgreen’s, $3.99. The cheapest stuff out there.”

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