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In Carole Migden, a board appointee poster child

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

image As stocking stuffers for termed out politicians, appointive state board jobs aren’t budget busters, but they occupy symbolic space in the public’s view of Sacramento as a self-perpetuating cronyism machine.

Add: The Bay Citizen looks at Gov. Jerry Brown’s efforts to chop out 43 of the boards, and the poster child for the current system is . . . San Francisco’s own ex-state Senator Carole Migden. She’s working on her second cushy appointment since Arnold Schwarzenegger named her to the Integrated Waste Management Board back in 2008. An excerpt:

And after that board was disbanded in January 2010 to save money, Schwarzenegger appointed Migden to the Agricultural Labor Relations Board. The San Francisco Democrat now earns $128,109 a year to attend two meetings a month.

Migden's qualifications? She spent nearly two decades in local and state elected positions. She is also a longtime friend of Schwarzenegger’s former chief of staff, Susan Kennedy.

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