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Joanna Rees, reluctant political spender

Sunday, May 8, 2011

image Venture capitalist Joanna Rees’ status as the San Francisco mayoral candidate hardest to figure out gets some ink in this morning’s Bay Area edition of the NYT from The Bay Citizen’s Elizabeth Lesly Stevens, and the riddle remains unbroken.

Add Rees: The piece details her habit of campaigning at coffee shops, churches and on Muni buses “in four-inch Chanel pumps” and notes that despite two years of effort she remains so unknown that in a March poll her name didn’t even register:

Ms. Rees’s problem is money. She has it. (She and her husband, her partner in a venture capital firm that is now being dismantled, live in Presidio Terrace, a gated enclave with uniformed guards.) But she has, as yet, refused to spend it.

Add campaign: So far, Stevens says, Rees has yet to spend a single dollar on her campaign, although, on the bright side, she stands to pick up $900,000 in public financing by agreeing to spending caps.

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