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KRON 4, the ‘VJ’ pioneer, claims a profit

Thursday, May 12, 2011

image One of the ironies in the downscaling of local TV news: When KRON 4 introduced “VJs”—combo camera operators/reporters—to much derision as a cost-cutting move in 2005, a lot of veteran people either left or were pushed out the door. As Mineko Brand reports at SF Public Press, some folks who fled to other Bay Area stations didn’t find refuge for long. These days, they’re all using VJs, with the notable exception of ratings leader KTVU 2.

Add KRON 4: General manager Brian Greif tells Brand that despite the station’s also-ran status KRON 4 made a profit last year and that “the company as a whole had its best year ever.”

A little context: “Ever” in this case presumably means since 2008, when parent New Young Broadcasting was born from bankruptcy reorganization.

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