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‘Mommy P.I.’ stings: smarmy but not illegal?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

image “Mommy P. I.” wannabe reality show detective and former Antioch cop Christopher Butler is in hot water on two fronts, for allegedly selling drugs and for setting up men in divorce cases with women as decoys to provide evidence of their cheating to his clients—the men’s wives.

Add Butler: Justin Berton at the Chronicle has the transcripts of a March 17 interview Butler gave to investigators, in which he describes the case of one such sting where the wife paid him $2,500 for “irrefutable proof” that her hubby was messing around:

Butler's attorney, William Gagen, said the transcript and the private eye's one-page written statement that outlined the man's 2008 sting was not an admission of guilt.

"It was not criminal conduct," Gagen said. "Now, is it an unseemly kind of investigation process? I think the answer is 'yes.' And I think Mr. Butler is aware of that now."

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