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Brown, Democrats unveil a new budget plan

Monday, June 27, 2011

imageBudget deal, round two. Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic lawmakers announced they’ve agreed on a revised budget to close the remaining $9.6 billion shortfall that:

  • Relies on $4 billion from an unexpected revenue uptick but spells out $2.6 billion in spending cuts if the money doesn’t materialize.
  • Includes $150 million each in additional cuts to to the UC and Cal State systems on top of the $500 billion each they’ve already been cut.
  • Eliminates redevelopment for an assumed $1.7 billion savings.
  • Requires online retailers to collect sales tax on transactions made in California for another $200 million in projected revenue.

Add: Notably out the equation: any mention of selling off state buildings.

Politically speaking: The plan, which lawmakers will take up tomorrow, can be passed with a simple majority vote. And that’s a big departure for Brown, who had vowed to trudge on to find some Republican support before apparently throwing in the towel. He says he’ll still try to get new taxes on the ballot but not until 2012.

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