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In Sacramento, the more things change . . .

Monday, June 20, 2011

imageCalbuzz says a few things have changed for the better two years after its meta-analysis of how California politics and governance got so screwed up. But “bottom line: the current partisan stand-off over spending in Sacramento sadly doesn’t look a lot different under Jerry Brown than under the disgraced and discredited” Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Add: Calbuzz sticks with its original six things that are wrong with California, starting with Prop 13, circling back to a much younger Jerry Brown (pictured) his first time around the gubernatorial track. An excerpt:

After Proposition 13 passed, then-Gov. Jerry Brown and the Democrat-dominated Legislature realigned — “tangled” would be more accurate — the relationship between state and local governments by effectively shifting control of remaining property tax revenue to Sacramento.

In a crisis atmosphere, they radically transformed California’s political landscape, taking power and responsibility for health, welfare, schools and other local services away from city councils, boards of supervisors and school boards, thereby establishing today’s chaotic maze of overlapping jurisdiction, which defies efforts at accountability.

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