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Michael Bauer calls out ‘lazy waiters’

Thursday, June 2, 2011

image One thing we know about Michael Bauer’s visit to the venerable Jackson Fillmore restaurant: the waiters there didn’t recognize the food critic or you can bet this wouldn’t have happened:

I can't remember when I've had lazier waiters.

The lack of care started at the front door and ended when we tried to call to verify restaurant information. The glass door had been tagged with white paint and was smudged. No one bothered to clean it off. Then the wrinkled and spotted one-page menu arrived - it should have been retired a while ago. The interior also needed a good cleaning, and the rickety chairs need attention. Our waiter couldn't remember who had ordered what, and had to ask at every course.

At one time, four employees gathered by the host stand to chat and only reluctantly broke up when it became clear that customers needed assistance.

Add: That said, he did love his carpaccio di zucchini.

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