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Sunday Notes: 6/5/11

Sunday, June 5, 2011

image Just how far out in left field was Giants GM Brian Sabean’s threatening rant against Marlins rookie and Buster Posey collider Scott Cousins? Even the affable John Madden says he was out of line.

  • Salt Lake City’s Deseret News gave a column to the mayor of Utah’s second largest city, which is sort of what the Chronicle did with Willie Brown, except this guy doesn’t have to leave office and become a lobbyist first.
  • Oakland Tribune headline heralding the likelihood of unwanted weekend weather: “Rain likely, with a chance of whining.”
  • Anderson Cooper’s new syndicated talk show, “Anderson,” has been given a Sept. 12 launch date.
  • A labor group that doesn’t like it that Safeway has hired out-of-town workers to build a new store in El Cerrito is circulating flyers that dub the grocer, “The Local Job Molester.”
  • image San Francisco Assemblywoman Fiona Ma has a bill in the hopper that would prevent customers from buying alcohol through self-service checkouts.
  • Does PG&E think that spending tens of thousands of dollars on full page newspaper ads at this late date to say it’s sorry for the San Bruno disaster will buy it much love?
  • Nate Montana, the son of 49ers great Joe Montana, and a quarterback at the University of Montana, was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving in Montana.
  • Maybe not surprisingly for a canine-friendly company named for founder Marc Pincus’ bulldog, but Zynga’s new San Francisco headquarters will have a dog run on the roof.
  • Now that he’s formally announced for president just a couple of weeks ago Newt Gingrich has . . . left for a two-week vacation?
  • Tech investor and part-time rocker Roger McNamee’s band Moonalice opens for U2 at Tuesday’s Oakland, aka, Coliseum concert. Unclear whether U2 frontman Bono’s being a partner in McNamee’s Silicon Valley investment firm has anything to do with it.
  • Closest thing to a TV journalism horror show: the 3-hour programming block HLN gave Nancy Grace Saturday night to recap the Casey Anthony trial.
  • Sunday quick read: The Daily Beast decodes the criminal case against John Edwards.
  • image After Sarah Palin’s goof in Boston that Paul Revere’s ride was to warn the British, Politico observes: “She makes Bachmann look like Longfellow.”
  • Rumored possible stops for Prince William and wife Kate on their July trip to California, says London’s Daily Mail: San Francisco and Yosemite “to see the famous redwood trees.”

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