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Transcript reinforces how state failed Jaycee Dugard

Friday, June 3, 2011

image That 157-page grand jury transcript that the judge released after sentencing Jaycee Dugard’s kidnappers to essentially life in prison is likely to fuel more questions about how parole agents could have bungled kidnapper-sexual predator Phillip Garrido’s handling so badly. The state quietly, and promptly, paid Dugard $20 million not long after her release from 18 years of captivity, and supposedly regular monitoring of her tormenter by parole agents. Chronicle; Contra Costa Times

Add: The document is heavily redacted for sexual explicitness. Among the heart-rending details, Dugard told the grand jury she hadn’t spoken her name in 18 years while mostly locked away in the backyard of Phillip and Nancy Garrido’s house near Antioch. The day her captivity was revealed, and Phillip Garrido confessed, she still couldn’t say it. So she wrote it down, along with the name of her mother.

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