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Why Alameda drowning scandal won’t go away

Thursday, June 9, 2011

image The 911 tapes released from the day of Raymond Zack’s slow-motion suicide by drowning off Crown Point State Beach (the BANG newspapers have them here), coupled with a photo by Amy Gahran at Oakland Local of first responders standing around on shore with hands in pockets, speak volumes. Excerpts:

11:30 a.m.: Zack’s stepmother, Dolores Berry, to Alameda police dispatcher: “He’s way out in the water right now.”

“Hurry up. He’s way out there.”

“He doesn’t swim. Please hurry.”

12:07 p.m.: Alameda police officer to dispatch: “He’s no longer above water and he’s too far out for us to reach him.”

12:27 p.m.: Alameda police officer to dispatch: “We got a volunteer who’s going into the water to do the recovery.”

12:28 p.m.: Be advised that the civilian is bringing the subject in.”

12:37 p.m.: Zack taken to hospital,, pronounced dead.

Image: Amy Gahran, Oakland Local

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