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‘Braindead’ Dave is gone, but will his store live on?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

imageThe family of “Braindead” Dave Devereaux hopes to sell Force of Habit Records, the late vinyl and punk rock entrepreneur’s shop in the Mission, to someone who’ll keep it open, blogs Dean Schaffer at SF Weekly’s All Shook Down. Paramedics found Devereaux dead in his apartment July 5 and autopsies have been inconclusive. Relatives say the 41-year-old torchbearer of San Francisco’s punk scene suffered from gastro-esophageal problems.

Add: Jello Biafra, the former Dead Kennedys vocalist and a friend and customer of Devereaux’s shop, tells Schaffer he’s among those hoping someone can find a way for it to survive:

"Dave's store is the perfect example of why life is too short to listen to boring music or worry about what the mainstream is doing if you're just not interested."

Noted: “Braindead Dave” is the nickname Devereaux gave himself as a sometimes DJ on Pirate Cat Radio.

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