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Calbuzz: Kamala Harris, ‘Empress of River City’

Monday, July 25, 2011

imageState AG Kamala Harris is taking heat in some quarters for grandstanding after issuing subpoenas for an investigation into potential antitrust violations that may have resulted from the NFL lockout, a move first reported by the New York Times. Calbuzz portrays Harris of some late “jumping up and down on the sidelines” for attention sake on the verge of today’s expected vote to end the labor impasse. Here’s what the NYT reported. The Calbuzz take:

So if the league hadn’t seen the subpoena and no California newspaper had the item, how did the Times get it? Duh. How do you spell “leak?”

But what’s the Empress of River City doing, sticking her nose into a volatile negotiation in the final seconds of the game? Surely she’s not figuring that if a deal gets inked this coming week, that she’ll get credit for having goosed the process along. Really?

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