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Chris Daly blasts fellow HuffPost SF bloggers

Thursday, July 14, 2011

imageIt was only HuffPost San Francisco's first day, but former supervisor and newly-minted blogger Chris Daly is steaming about the selection of fellow bloggers chosen for the site. In an open letter to HuffPo he says putting the likes of Joanna Rees, Supervisor Malia Cohen and Mayor Ed Lee on the page with him “gives additional ammunition to those on the left” who’ve been critical of HuffPo since its acquisition by AOL. But as the Bay Guardian reports, the mercurial Daly reserves most of his ire for fellow blogger and former supervisorial nemesis Michela Alioto-Pier:
As an unabashed progressive, I was embarrassed to serve on the same Board as her and am now embarrassed to appear on the same web page with her bashing progressive homeless policy.
Add: HuffPost SF editor Carly Schwartz appears to be taking the Daly dustup in stride. She says the site plans to offer plenty of diversity of thought, but that “we simply didn’t have room for everyone on our launch day.”
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