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Feds’ ineptness rivaled state’s in Dugard case

Saturday, July 9, 2011

imageIt was meant to draw attention to how the feds have become better at monitoring parolees under their watch, but a confidential review released by federal judge James Ware inadvertently shows how inept the feds were in monitoring Jaycee Dugard tormentor Phillip Garrido before the state’s own ineptness began.

Add: Garrido was under federal parole supervision from 1988 to 1999 for an earlier kidnapping and rape—or nearly a decade after Dugard’s capture. The Contra Costa Times writes that the feds had glowing praise for him when they handed him off to the state in 1999. They never made sure he registered as a sex offender. And for years they allowed his parole check-ins to take place at the agents’ office rather than home, where presumably someone might have at least accidentally stumbled across Dugard.

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