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Matier & Ross skip past the elephant on the page

Sunday, July 31, 2011

imageThe Chronicle’s Phil Matier and Andrew Ross scratch around for an angle today on the hubbub over the “Run, Ed, Run” campaign and offer up a backstory yarn about Aaron Peskin getting everybody worked up. As if to say thanks for making the mayor’s race a bit less boring. Scant mention of their fellow Chronicle columnist whose space abuts theirs—except in the most obvious way imaginable:

Now that Lee looks poised to announce, it’s jump ball, and everything from his ties to [Rose] Pak and former Mayor Willie Brown—and to nonprofits with city contracts that might have connections to his campaign—will instantly become fair game.

Noted: At some point, probably not soon, when the newspaper’s management regains its ethical balance, one presumes Brown can go back to merely being a tipster.

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