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More newsroom triage at the LA Times

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

imageTime to go ugh for book lovers everywhere. The LA Times has laid off all of its freelance reviewers and columnists. Reason: big freelance budget cuts at the paper. Publishers Weekly says it means all books-related stories will now be done in-house. And oh, in case you wondered, there are four staffers who remain in the once-vaunted book review section.

Context: The freelancers were actually jettisoned July 21, and we’re just now learning about it. It’s part of a much larger new round of bloodletting at the LAT. Kevin Roderick at LA Observed says lots of reports coming in about well-known bylines who have or are in the process of getting their walking papers today.

Noted: Among the early known casualties: NBA writer Mark Heisler.

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