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NYT’s David Pogue gets his knuckles rapped

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

imageNew York Times tech columnist David Pogue, dinged in May for dating a San Francisco PR executive whose firm’s clients include ones whose products Pogue writes about, has drawn a penalty flag from the NYT for something else. The Times has told him to stop giving speeches like the one he gave to a group of public relations people last month in which he credited P. R. with providing most of his ideas. Writes NYT public editor Arthur S. Brisbane:

Having seen the video (provided to me courtesy of Ragan Communications), I conclude two things: 1) Pogue is an engaging, lively and funny speaker, and 2) the speech flagrantly violates the prohibition against giving advice at paid P.R. conferences.

Adds Brisbane: “In the presentation, Pogue jumps out of the gate with a Power Point page inviting the audience to “Pitch me, Baby!” The presentation goes on to offer do’s and don’ts and emphasizes his own close reliance on pitches that come his way from professional public relations people.”

Noted: Lest anyone wonder, Pogue is a freelancer at the NYT, not a staffer.

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