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Rose Pak, Willie Brown and Ed Lee’s Recology foot-soldiers

Saturday, July 30, 2011

imageThe Chronicle yesterday unveiled how Chinatown political boss Rose Pak leaned on executives at garbage-collector Recology to enlist foot solders for the “Run, Ed, Run” campaign she helps direct on behalf of interim Mayor Ed Lee. Today, The Bay Citizen’s Gerry Shih and Sidney Lupkin connect some Recology dots to the other maestro of the Lee campaign orchestra—Chronicle columnist Willie Brown. An excerpt:

Recology has for decades enjoyed exceptionally strong ties to one of Lee's main patrons, former Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr., with campaign finance records showing a history of Recology employees donating to Brown campaigns in a coordinated fashion. The company has also enjoyed a close relationship with Lee, who as head of the Department of Public Works once came under fire for proposing a huge increase in residential garbage collection fees.

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