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Faye Dunaway’s eviction problem

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

imageSeen Faye Dunaway lately? Didn’t think so. Older now, she’s bicoastal, but not living extravagantly, apparently. The NYT writes that her landlord is trying to kick her out of a $1048 a month rent stabilized apartment in New York because it isn’t her primary residence. He can get twice as much if she goes. Meanwhile, here’s how the piece describes her presumed main residence in Los Angeles:
Ms. Dunaway, 70, does not appear to be living glamorously. The home in California is a nice but not flashy house on which she still carries a mortgage, according to the lawsuit. Her car is a 2007 Toyota Corolla.
Back in New York, here’s how the reporter who went to her place on the Upper East Side with “F. Dunaway” next to the buzzer describes it:
The building’s hallway floors are green linoleum. Its cream walls are chipped, and pink marble steps lead up to her third-floor unit. Her front door is painted aquamarine and has the names “Dunaway/ONeill” and “PT Bascom” listed by the black doorbell. There is a simple brown doormat with black trim. No one answered the door on Tuesday afternoon.
Noted: A neighbor there says “she’s not that glamorous person everybody saw in the movies. We were surprised that she lived here in the first place.”
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