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Mayor Lee seeks to distance himself from ‘Run, Ed, Run’

Thursday, August 4, 2011

imageMayor Ed Lee is trying to distance himself from the “Run, Ed, Run” campaign being orchestrated on his behalf by a small group of politically-connected folks with ties to Chinatown political bundler Rose Pak and Chronicle columnist Willie Brown. “Mayor Ed Lee has no involvement in the ‘Run, Ed, Run’ campaign and he doesn’t know who their funders are,” mayoral spokeswoman Christine Falvey tells the Chronicle.

Add: A day after it was reported elsewhere, the Chronicle details the list of ‘Run, Ed, Run’ donors to Progress for All, the group set up to collect donations for a Lee campaign, and includes this description high up in the story:

The key donors are friends of former Mayor Willie Brown or have strong ties to Brown ally and Chinese Chamber of Commerce consultant Rose Pak, who is also one of Lee's close friends.

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