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Rick Sanchez assails the nastiness of cable TV news

Thursday, August 4, 2011

imageThe ex-CNN daytime anchor who was fired after an ugly, nasty, vitriolic attack on Jon Stewart in which he called the comedian a “bigot,” says the cable news industry is an “ugly, nasty, vitriolic business” and implies he’s glad to be away from it. An excerpt from TV Newser:

You can’t win. I don’t care if you’re as masterful politically as Chris Matthews, as incredible in an argument as Bill O’Reilly, or as good-looking as Anderson Cooper. No matter what your skill set, someone’s going to be there every single day to blast your ass.

Noted: He’s in talks to co-host a syndicated bilingual TV show from South Florida starting next year and in the meantime has signed on as a color commentator for Florida International University football games this fall.

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