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Sunday Notes: 8/7/11

Sunday, August 7, 2011

imageWhat do Bay Area members of Congress Barbara Lee, Pete Stark, George Miller and Mike Honda have in common? Each announced reelection bids just when disgust over the debt limit fiasco has anti-incumbent fever at an all-time high.

  • After a week tossed together as morning co-hosts on KNBR radio, sports talkers Gary Radnich and Damon Bruce seem to have warmed a bit. All the same, too early to take the sweaters off.
  • Remember when network news divisions didn’t have to apologize, as ABC News just did, for things like Nicki Minaj exposing her breast on Good Morning America?
  • Down and dirty: At least 20 storm drain grates have disappeared from Vallejo’s streets in the last several weeks—scooped up by metal thieves.
  • Week’s unlikeliest promo: Mayor Ed Lee fronting for Burning Man at United Nations Plaza.
  • California Watch reporter Lance Williams talked about the prospects for California’s bullet train project with San Diego radio host Chris Reid. [Listen]
  • imageBraylon Edwards signs with the 49ers and is in practice sweats within hours. You paying attention, Michael Crabtree?
  • President Obama has raised more than twice as much money in California than Mitt Romney, his closest Republican challenger.
  • Campaign religion: Even before his big prayer-a-thon the other day, Texas Gov. Rick Perry was saying he prays for the President every day: that “God will open his eyes.”
  • Conservationist Jo Chamberlain, explaining why cigarette butts are the biggest single pollutant to Half Moon Bay: “A lot of people don’t realize that a cigarette is basically a pesticide capsule and that everywhere it goes, it leaches and kills.”

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