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Chronicle jettisons Jeff Yang’s online music column

Friday, September 9, 2011

image“So this is it, I guess: The final installment of ‘Asian Pop,’” begins author and freelancer Jeff Yang in today’s swan song column after nearly eight years running at SFGate. He says the newspaper’s brass told him the economics of the business no longer support online-only columns, and adds:

Obviously, I'm bummed. This little biweekly patch of digital real estate has been a pleasure to tend, and as sad as I am to go, I'm even sadder to see it go away.

Add: New Yorker Yang even offers a parting ditty for wild-eyed commenters who “were also loyal to the column in their own way,” with a bit of verse:

Bitter language often flew
in our debate. At last --
the end of that exchange is due
erase now all that's passed.
My hope is that the stones we cast
enraged and ugly words
have not, within our hearts, stuck fast
and left our vision blurred
The simple truth can't be deferred
each of us has a choice
respectfully, all should be heard
so all can have a voice.

And that, my friends, is that. Peace out.

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