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Kamala Harris under pressure to get tough with big banks

Saturday, September 24, 2011

imageState Attorney General Kamala Harris has emerged as a key player among state attorneys general in pursuing a nationwide settlement with big banks accused of foreclosure abuses. And she’s feeling pressure from consumer groups and others who say she hasn’t done enough to keep the banks from getting off the hook, the LA Times says. An excerpt:

"The banks want to get away with everything, and she is probably one of the linchpins in saying that is going to happen or isn't going to happen," said Liz Ryan Murray, the chairwoman of the foreclosure task force at Americans for Financial Reform. "We would like to see her come forward and be more public on what she will and won't give up."

The progressive group Credo sent out a message to its supporters Thursday asking them to tell Harris to speak up more forcefully and reject a previously proposed settlement that would reportedly allow the banks some immunity from further investigation.

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