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Sarah Palin book: cocaine, infidelity and other stuff

Thursday, September 15, 2011

imageMainstream media can be expected to tip-toe gently into coverage of Joe McGinniss’ new Sarah Palin bio, “The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin.” Among other things, it posits that Palin used cocaine when younger, slept with her husband’s ex-business partner, and while single had a one-night stand with future NBA star Glen Rice while he was in college and playing in a tournament in Alaska. Salacious? You betcha. How much is accurate? We’ll see, maybe.

For now, expect more book reviews than news stories as media paw over the McGinniss tome, including today’s by respected LA Times book critic David L. Ulin. He quotes from McGinniss’ closing chapter high in the lede:

"[N]o matter how much my book sales might benefit from a Palin presidential campaign in 2012, I sincerely hope that the whole extravaganza, which has been unblushingly underwritten by a mainstream media willing to gamble the nation's future in exchange for the cheap thrill of watching a clown in high heels on a flying trapeze, is nearing the end of its run."

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