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SF Weekly depletes its staff by four

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Only a handful of editorial souls are left but nonetheless Phoenix-based Village Voice Media has turned out imagefour—count ‘em—staffers at SF Weekly, including distinguished longtime columnist-reporter Matt Smith. Eve Batey at SF Appeal, who broke the news, says the others are web editor Jake Swearingen, editor of the SFoodie blog, W. Blake Gray and calendar editor and blogger Hiya Swanhuyser. It’s part of what’s being reported elsewhere as a company-wide round of layoffs. From Batey:
When contacted by the Appeal, SF Weekly's editor, Tom Walsh, declined to comment nor to refer to me to anyone at VVM who could offer comment. "When we have something to say, we'll call you" he said, before hanging up, a more than understandable reaction given how unpleasant today must have been for his paper.

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