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Spot.Us founder signs on with UC Berkeley J-school

Monday, September 19, 2011

imageDavid Cohn, aka DigiDave, who launched community-funded reporting site Spot.Us three years ago, has signed on with UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism to research economic models for online journalism publications. He’ll work with the three community sites run by the J-school: Mission Local, Oakland North and Richmond Confidential.

Add: And he wants you to know he’s not abandoning Spot.Us:

Before haters eagerly call Spot.Us a failure let me type this reassuring paragraph and get back to the lede. Spot.Us has enough money in the bank to give us a runway of at least one year – possibly more (August was our first break-even month!). That includes salary for myself and our C.T.O. Erik Sundelof in addition to any money we would raise for reporters.

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