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UC Regents to consider draconian tuition hikes

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The solution to providing predictability to tuition increases and save the UC system from “an imageirreversible decline into mediocrity”? Raising tuition by at least 8 percent and maybe as much as 16 percent each year through 2016, which could bring basic tuition to $22,000 in just four years. That’s the plan UC leaders will propose to regents Thursday in San Francisco, the Chronicle says:

"A multiyear UC funding plan would establish a framework for negotiations with the governor and the state Legislature toward a multiyear commitment from the state," said [UC Vice President Patrick] Lenz. "Such a commitment would enable both UC and the families of students to plan for the next several years.”

Noted: Does he mean planning to go somewhere other than UC to college? Many qualified California students are already shut out of the system even as UC aggressively targets foreign and out-of-state students to rake in (even) higher tuition.

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