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Amanda Knox media frenzy: the next round

Friday, October 28, 2011

imageThe broadcast networks are lining up (if not bowing down) in the race to get the ex-college student and one-time accused murderer’s first in-depth interview since being released from an Italian jail. The Hollywood Reporter’s Marisa Guthrie says cash isn’t part of the equation (it seldom is, directly-speaking), but that the winning media outlet is bound to have plenty of value to offer. An excerpt:

Network news divisions publicly disavowed the practice of licensing personal photos and home videos from interview subjects after it was revealed that networks did pay Casey Anthony and her family. So Knox's best option for a big check is to first ink a book deal. Sources say the family has yet to retain a literary agent and that Knox likely won't do an interview until a book deal is in place. But nets still are trying, especially because Knox doesn't have Anthony's ethical baggage.

Noted: Guthrie says ABC’s new hire, Katie Couric is keeping lines of communication open with Knox’s mom, but that 20/20’s Elizabeth Vargas may be ABC’s front-runner because of her reporting on the case.

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