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A’s owner Lew Wolff: pain with no gain for Oakland

Monday, October 3, 2011

imageIt’s been 2 1/2 years since baseball commissioner Bud Selig’s blue ribbon panel was formed to decide whether the A’s stay in Oakland or move to San Jose. That kangeroo court is expected to render a verdict this offseason. In the meantime, Lew Wolff, who lives in Los Angeles, has carved a legacy as the most difficult A’s owner since Charlie Finley, says the Oakland Tribune’s Dave Newhouse, with one big exception:

When Charles O. Finley moved his A's from Kansas City to Oakland in 1968, Missouri Sen. Stuart Symington called Oakland "the luckiest city since Hiroshima."


Finley was that difficult to deal with, but Oakland politicians contend Wolff is just as disingenuous. One difference: "Charleyball" won three consecutive World Series, while Wolff's ownership has produced six straight losing seasons.

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