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At KPIX, Scott Pelley wins the ‘likeability’ contest over Katie Couric

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

imageCBS 5/KPIX has a sparkling new news set on the fifth floor of its Battery Street compound but anchor Scott Pelley didn’t use it for last night’s CBS Evening News broadcast from the station. Instead, they uprooted a couple of cubicles next to a big window in a business office with a sweeping view of the Bay Bridge and beyond as a backdrop for the 3:30 taping. The sailboats and sunshine didn’t disappoint.

Add: Pelley’s entourage took over the conference room for the day and there were other inconveniences, but you didn’t hear anyone complaining. That, in part, may be owing to Pelley’s almost congenital politeness. “Extremely delightful to work with,” says a CBS 5 regular who didn’t want to be quoted comparing him to the last Evening News anchor to put in an appearance at KPIX—Katie Couric. “No comparison.”

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