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Bay Citizen CEO Lisa Frazier shoves off

Friday, October 21, 2011

imageThe non-profit news organization’s founding CEO who was credited with helping raise $17.5 million since the idea for TBC was born in 2009, announced today she’s stepping down, citing personal reasons. She’ll remain on the board, along with founder Warren Hellman, TBC says.

Add: Hellman says “she really, to a substantial extent, was the founder of this organization. My druthers would be that she stay here forever.” A former partner at McKinsey & Company, Frazier’s $400,000 salary raised more than a few eyebrows, but Hellman also took a swat at that, saying that she “took a huge cut in compensation to come here.”

Noted: Hers is the second high-profile departure at The Bay Citizen, on the heels of editor-in-chief Jonathan Weber’s leaving last month.

Image: James Irwin/ The Bay Citizen

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