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Gascon, who supports pension reform, a double dipper

Friday, October 14, 2011

imageThe Bay Citizen scores a public pension gotcha in the DA’s race with news that George Gascon, who publicly supports pension reform, is raking in $5,350 a month from his pension with the Los Angeles Police Department on top of his $216,776 salary as district attorney. A spokesman for DA challenger Sharmin Bock calls it “double dipping” and acknowledges that she’d qualify for a pension from her assistant DA job in Alameda County if she left to become San Francisco’s DA, but would be willing to postpone collecting it until her government service ended.

Add: Gascon spokeswoman Maggie Muir tells TBC: “George Gasc√≥n paid into his pension for 28 years; he worked for very hard for that money. He understands that people in this economy are hurting, but, as I said, he paid into that for 28 years like many people that paid into their pensions.”

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