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Harold Camping’s ministry: quieter, richer, as Friday nears

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

imageThe phone at doomsday preacher Harold Camping’s house in Alameda has been disconnected. A woman who answers the door says he’s not seeing anyone. And Camping’s Family Radio ministry in Oakland isn’t giving press interviews, even though their leader is sticking by his revised prophecy—which was off a bit May 21—that the world will end Friday.

Add: Matthias Gafni at the Contra Costa Times says the 90-year-minister, who’s recovering from a stroke shortly after his first prediction failed in May, has apparently decided to stay low-key this time. An excerpt:

The End of the World notwithstanding, 2010 tax returns show the Oakland-based nonprofit now has assets of more than $104.8 million, up more than $30 million from the year before.

Donations soared in the months before the expected end in May, and the nonprofit dumped millions of dollars into more than 5,000 billboards worldwide, but those figures will not be public until next year.

The nonprofit owns several dozen radio stations across the globe, but Camping stopped his weekday broadcast of Open Forum religious programming after his June 9 stroke. Camping recorded a message to his followers in recent weeks.

"I'm still a long ways away from being healed, but there is progress being made," said Camping, his normal gravelly voice now slurred.

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