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Did ‘Occupy Oakland’ protesters fail Media Relations 101?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

imageAnti-Wall Street protesters camped in front of Oakland City Hall are said to have told some of the news media—particularly TV people—that they don’t want them inside the camp without permission, the Chronicle’s Demian Bulwa says. Things got a little tense Monday when KTVU reporter Ken Pritchett was bitten on the sleeve by a protester’s dog.

Add: After spending several hours talking to Oakland protesters, Bulwa offers this take:

… Several demonstrators confirmed to me that they had reached a consensus earlier this week that the media needed permission to take pictures or record video in Frank Ogawa Plaza. In what can only be described as a protest against logic, some said they had a right to assemble in the public square — which they renamed Oscar Grant Plaza – but that the media were constrained because the plaza had become their home.

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