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In campaign mode, Gavin Newsom charges ahead

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The lieutenant governor’s speech Sept. 30 at a Coastside Democrats event in Half Moon Bay got some wings imagetoday when the Chronicle’s Matier & Ross column picked up on a news story in last Wednesday’s weekly Half Moon Bay Review. Newsom, who has seemed to be running hard for governor from the moment he stepped into the Lite Gov’s office, if not before, went into full-tilt campaign mode and by all accounts managed to turn off some fellow Dems. M&R say he actually drew boos. From the Review:

Newsom's staff originally arranged for him to speak for the first 20 minutes, so he could duck out early to be with his family. But as a last-minute change, the lieutenant governor asked to go last. He ended up speaking for about an hour and then took questions from the audience for another half-hour.


During a question period after the speech, Coastside resident Bill Huber talked about how his son couldn't find work in the state after graduating with an engineering degree.

Asked later what he thought of Newsom's speech, Huber said it was a good talk but short on answers.

"Like so many speeches, it sounded great. It was a call to action," he said. "However, he described a problem, but he didn't articulate a solution."

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